Choose a unique and personalised mosaic memorial butterfly in order to celebrate the life of loved one. Each memorial butterfly is carefully hand crafted to order and each one is unique.  Magnetic strips on the back will keep it in place on the fridge.





Choose a unique and personalised mosaic butterfly memorial in order to celebrate the life of a loved one.

Butterflies signify beauty and freedom and a mosaic is the perfect way to hilight their beautiful wings fluttering freely and at peace.  As a result, the personalised butterfly memorial is a stunning and meaningful gift which will help celebrate the unique life of a loved one.

Personalise the butterfly on the front and choose your colours because this makes your gift more meaningful.  Your could use the colour of a favourite flower or even colours of a football team they supported.

Your finished mosaic memorial butterfly will be fitted with magnets so it can rest on the fridge and celebrate special memories during every day life.

These shimmering butterfly hearts measure 11cms x 10cm approx. and are approx. 0.5 cm thick. Each one is hand crafted to include your choices so it unique – just like the life it celebrates.

Your finished butterfly will be grouted in white unless you request black in the special instructions.

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